Microwave Services

Providing cost effective and quality services to handle the entire range of microwave network implementation

Microwave Services

The Apex Group provides state of the art end to end microwave solutions. We provide cost effective quality services that will handle the entire range of tasks involved to implement a microwave backhaul network. We design, plan and implement microwave solutions by analyzing various parameters, including but not limited to, required distance and capacity, desired availability targets, clear line of site (LOS) between end nodes, Tower or Mast requirement to achieve clear LOS, allowed frequency bands for the country, rain fade, license costs, etc. We help our customers build Ethernet over microwave to enhance wireless capacity.

Our group has expertise to provide full range of services from upgrading existing equipment to turnkey solutions for new site development. We operate in private commercial and government sectors. We are proficient in network design, professional site survey, installation of microwave equipment, communication path alignment, integration and inspection. Our services include, but not limited to

  • Survey/Audits of MW Path LOS
  • Build, install, and path new microwave dish antenna systems on all structures involving
  • Grid, Standard, and high-performance parabolic antennas
    Working components such as feed horns, covers, side struts, etc.
  • Installation of transmission lines involving
  • Coax, elliptical, rectangular, circular, waveguide coax
    Connectors, dehydrator, manifold
  • Perform testing such as sweep test, fiber test, TerraNova 2, etc.
  • Path Troubleshooting
  • Radio installation and upgrades, software upgrades, channel additions
  • Installation of power distribution units
  • New and existing service upgrades
  • Emergency COW deployment

We are familiar with AVIAT, Ceragon, RFS, NOKIA.

Our microwave customers benefit from our technical expertise, implementation capabilities, rapid mobilization of resources, financial strength and logistics capabilities to jump start the project at short notice, efficient project management practices using spatial tools and excellent track record of exceptional quality and on time delivery.

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