OSP and Wireless Design

Offering full range of OSP design and high quality wireless services

OSP and Wireless Design

OSP Design: Apex Group offers a full range of Outside Plant Design services to a large variety of telecommunications, cable and utility companies. Our services include Fiber Route Planning and Design, Pole Attachment Audits and Surveys, Pole Load Analysis, ROW and Easement Research, Permitting, Construction, Construction Management and Project Management Services.


Wireless Design: Apex Group provides high quality Tower and Wireless Services including Planning, Site Acquisition, Design, DAS & Small Cell Deployment and Construction.  Our Team is well qualified with a professional staff with many years of experience delivering complete Tower and Wireless solutions from 100,000 seat arenas demanding high capacity coverage to urban retrofits. Our Team is able to customize solutions for any environment. Over the past ten years we have completed thousands of successful Tower and Wireless projects for customers such as AT&T, Verizon, Crown Castle, and T-Mobile.

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Wireless & Tower Proficiencies: The Apex Group provides high quality Tower and Wireless Services including Engineering, DAS & Small Cell Deployment and Construction. We provide quality services in a cost effective manner by utilizing world class workflow and project management technology as well as advanced process management techniques and a highly trained and experienced engineering and construction staff.

Our Group is proficient in Design, Installation and Testing. Our expertise includes Professional Land Surveying, Geotechnical Services, Lease Exhibits, Construction Drawings, Structural Mappings, Post Modification Inspections, Structural and Mount Analysis, Mount Certifications, and PE Stamps in 48 states in the USA.

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Microwave Communication Services: The Apex Group provides state of the art end to end microwave solutions. We provide cost effective quality services that will handle the entire range of tasks involved to implement a microwave backhaul network. We design, plan and implement microwave solutions by analyzing various parameters, including but not limited to, required distance and capacity, desired availability targets, clear line of site (LOS) between end nodes, Tower or Mast requirement to achieve clear LOS, allowed frequency bands for the country, rain fade, license costs, etc. We help our customers build Ethernet over microwave to enhance wireless capacity.

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